Luxury Chocolate Massage

<size_12>t is a delicious Body wrap based on cocoa that helps to reduce contours, smooth Orange-Peel skin and eliminates stress. A true Coco therapy with anti-cellulite effect that becomes an essential source of beauty and well being. Cocoa induces the production in the body of endorphin&#39;s, substances that are capable of activating the natural process of fat elimination .Furthermore,these molecules, known as "Happiness Molecules", stimulate the senses, release tension and produces well being. In the scope of the treatment the body is being covered with warm chocolate blend. The chocolate massage is being performed with light, sliding, rhythmic moves, relieving the body from the accumulated tension. The perfect way to coddle your skin - nurturing it, moisturizing it and toning it up. The massage helps to say goodbye to depression and sadness </size_12>